Clergy Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional - What You Need to Know!

As I'm sure many of you have heard, the clergy housing allowance was, once again, ruled to be unconstitutional by Judge Barbara Crabb of the United States District Court For the Western District of Wisconsin. Don't start panicking yet! This case will almost certainly be appealed, and we likely have several years to go before any final verdict is reached.

That said, pastors and church decision-makers need to be informed about this issue now. To help, I've put together a list of links that will enable you get up-to-speed on what has happened. Please share this with as many pastors and church-decision makers as you can.

Understanding Pastoral Compensation
For Pastors - How to Not Be a Broke Pastor
For Church Decision-Makers - Structuring Pastoral Compensation

What Has Happened?
The Judge's Actual Ruling
David Roach, Baptist Press
Chicago Tribune

Commentary on the Current Ruling
Peter J. Reilly, Forbes
William Thornton, SBC Voices

Commentary on the Original Ruling
Peter J. Reilly, Forbes

The History of the Clergy Housing Allowance
Explanation by Jesse Johnson of The Cripplegate
Explanation by Joe Carter of The Acton Institute
Explanation by Peter J. Reilly of Forbes

IRS Rules for Clergy
IRS Publication 517