Accountable Reimbursement

Best of the Web: The Four Most Common Acts of Stupidity That Get Pastors Fired

Here's another great article from Thom Rainer. Pay careful attention to #3!

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Pastors are so good at so many difficult things - preaching/teaching, counseling, discipling, caring - but can very often be completely clueless when it comes to handling their money wisely. This can be true of their day-to-day finances, but is often more true in regards to their retirement planning.

The Pastor's Guide to Wise Investing takes the, often, confusing world of investing and makes it simple and easy to understand by compiling and condensing the best advice from the best investors of our day into one simple, easy-to-read guide.

What is the Best Way to Report Reimbursable Expenses?

If your church has an accountable reimbursement plan - and I sure hope it does - then your employees need a way to report their reimbursable expenses. There are two basic methods.

First, you can always have them turn in their physical receipts. This is the most common and low-tech option available to you. Normally, you would have a form of some sort that they would complete and attach the receipt to in order to be reimbursed.

However, and I have no business relationship with this company, a far more efficient way to do it would be to use a service like Expensify. This is what our church uses, and we LOVE it. The service comes with an app that you can download onto your phone that allows you to take pictures of your receipts for instant submittal. It even reads the receipt for you and fills out much of the information automatically. 

On the back end, you can customize the service to fit your church's specific budgetary categories, and can set rules in place to determine when an expense needs to be reviewed by an administrator and when it doesn't (e.g. expenses under $25 don't need to be reviewed, but anything more than that does).

One way or the other, you need to provide a way for employees to submit receipts for reimbursable expenses. Leave a comment below to share how your church does this, or follow me on Facebook and leave a comment there.

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The Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plan for Employees policy template is designed to provide churches, ministries, or other religious entities with a ready-to-customize policy to help them address the necessary components of administering an accountable reimbursement plan.