Do you need help reviewing or Establishing
a pastoral compensation package?

It has been my experience that decisions regarding pastoral compensation can become very emotional and personal for both the church and the pastor. Because of this, it is often difficult to ensure that these decisions are being made fairly and in the best of interest of all. 

If your church would like an objective, third-party review of your current or proposed pastoral compensation plan, I would be glad to help. Or, if you are a pastor who is unsure if you are balancing all of the pieces correctly so that you are receiving the greatest possible benefit, let me take a look.

For either need, contact Stacy Potts at to set up a full-service review today.

Available Services

  • Budget Review
  • Salary Assessment
  • Benefit Package Assessment
  • Sabbatical Planning
  • Retirement Package Structuring
  • Housing Allowance Review
  • Employment Policy Review
  • Reimbursement Plan Development